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Right Click Context Menu Extender

Right Click Context Menu Extender supports the useful help to users by an effective tool

Right Click File Selector  v.1.0

Right Click File Selector is designed for HTPC using a keyboard with track ball or joystick.

AEVITA No Right Click  v.1.01

Mit dem nRtzlichen Tool No Right Click k?nnen Sie Ihre Webseite vor Bilder- und Quellkode-Klau schRtzen und diebischen Webmastern das Leben erschweren.

No Right Click  v.1.01

Ever wanted to prevent users from "borrowing" images from your site through right-clicking them and "save image as..." or right-clicking the page and viewing your page source? The No Right Click will disable the right click on your page in just a few

Right-Click Encrypter  v.1.3

Right-Click Encrypter is a small, but useful tool designed to encrypt your private files with a password.

Windows 8 Start Menu Application  v.1.0

Windows 8 Start menu [W8SM] application allows the user to quickly bring back start menu features for windows 8. With W8SM, you can have both a start menu, and leverage pinned applications via metro at the same time.

Right-Click-Link for linux  v.1.1.5

Right-Click-Link is a Firefox extension that opens selected text in a new tab. Right-Click Search  v.1.1

Allows you to select any text on a web page and search it instantly on PriceCanada.

Explorer Context Menu  v.0.3

Puts the explorer shell context menu into the playlist Gives you access to the standard Windows right click menus from within Winamp for files in the playlist.Be able to access the properties of files, Cut and Copy files, delete files, and more -

Copy2Clip  v.1.0.7

Copy2Clip enables you to copy file names from Windows Explorer, by simply selecting one or more files, and selecting Copy2Clip from the right click menu. The program can copy the file names in a variety of different patterns, using the full name

PropertiesPlus  v.1.65

A free add-on for your Windows 95 Explorer. It adds additional functionality to your right-click menu under the menu option PropertiesPlus. Here youll be able to modify file attributes, file extensions, and the time stamps of single files, multiple

EMail Open View Pro Free  v.4.2.4

.msg .pst .mht and .eml email file viewer. Windows Explorer Right Click Menu and Double Click email opener. Can even be used from the command line. Extract and Save attachments. Print email files. Convert email to PDF Convert .msg and .eml to Image (

EmlOpenView  v.1.6

.eml email file viewer. Free. Windows Explorer Right Click Menu and Double Click email opener. Can even be used from the command line. Extract, Convert, Print and Save attachments. Convert to PDF and Image formats like PNG, BMP,GIF, JPEG, WMF,

Copy Text Contents  v.1.5

4dots Copy Text Contents is a small shell extension that extends the right click menu of Windows Explorer and allows you to copy directly the contents of text files to the clipboard.

Easy Wallpaper  v.2.0

This program adds the following commands to the right-click menu of Bitmap Images: Set As Wallpaper (Tiled), Set As Wallpaper (Centered), Set As Wallpaper (Stretched). These commands are also accessible through the File menu in My Computer and

Free Screen Shot Lite  v.2.0.9

Capture Screen Shots with the press of a key or turn on the autosave feature and use the Print Screen button on your keyboard or copy feature on your right click menu. Some screen shot utilities do not work with all programs but ours will. If your

Mmm FREE  v.2.0

Use this free, unique utility to customize your windows menus. Remove menu-items you never use. Put rarely used functions out on a sub-menu. Keep only those items you often use in a small, tidy base menu. No Spyware/Adware or Nag-screens! Just FREE!

Alt WAV to OGG Converter  v.7.3

Convert WAV to OGG files in one click at high speed and quality! One of the featuers of Alt WAV to OGG converter is that it works from right click menu on a file. Simply right click on WAV, select 'Convert to OGG'! As easy as 1, 2, 3! Main Features:

AfterhoursRadio  v.0.9.3063.37973 Beta

# Added new "View Schedule" option to the right click menu. This will display the event schedule# Added new event alerts, these will remind you when your favourite shows are starting# Player now hides when you press close, rather than

Price Search for IE  v.1.0

Price Search via right-click menu in IE. Highlight product and click search. A new IE window is opened and a search is automatically done at Price-Compare.Net

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